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    "I enjoyed having lessons with Rahan, he helped me become more confident on the road and showed me what to expect when going for my restricted. Rahan was great at focusing on points that I needed to improve on and made me feel comfortable as I drove. Will definitely recommend to others." - Isabelle
    "I was incredibly nervous to learn to drive and put it off for years, but Rahan made learning a breeze! He is super calm, patient and supportive, giving constructive feedback to build you up and emphasising where you've improved. Rahan also devises lessons to help you overcome the test items you're struggling with and has a lot of great tips that are easy to implement (e.g., parallel parking). He'a also punctual and very flexible (e.g., Dunedin Driving School car or your own, where to meet, etc.). I've already recommended him to multiple friends and family members!" - Ashley
    "I would definitely recommend Rahan as a driving instructor! I had about 11 lessons with him and he helped me feel a lot more confident on the road aswell as giving me great pointers for driving in Dunedin. He was friendly, professional and great for beginners. Thanks so much for your help Rahan." - Janetta
    "What a lovely company to learn to drive with! I have learnt so much. From starting the lessons being absolutely terrified of driving to being confident and passing my restricted, I owe it all to DDS. Thank you!!" - Kesha
    "Had a great lesson with Hendrix! Super helpful and boosted my confidence on the road:) Thank you!" - Oliv
    "Cheers to Hendrix. 
    I've gained the appropriate driving strategies and techniques that helped me be a safe driver on the road." - Geo