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    Dunedin Driving School provides a full range of driving services for the education and training of our clients. All lessons take one hour, are by appointment only and are available seven days a week. Pricing is based on each individual client’s requirements so please contact us to discuss.

    Driver Licence Lessons

    Our aim is to assist our clients to secure the relevant licence when they have demonstrated that they have the necessary driving skills and are ready. Experience growth as a driver, no matter your level of experience, learner, restricted or full licence holder, with the help of our instructors who will ensure you have a positive experience.
    Learners Licence
    Drivers must be at least 16 years old to apply for a Learners Licence and hold it for 6 months.
    Restricted Licence
    Drivers must be 16½ years old to apply for a Restricted Licence. You must hold it for 18 months.
    Full Licence
    The minimum age is 18 years old for drivers wishing to secure a full licence unless they have completed an approved defensive driving course. This will allow drivers to secure a full licence once they turn 17½, but only if they have held a restricted licence for a minimum time. Other restrictions also apply depending on age.



    Defensive Driving

    Dunedin Driving School run the Automobile Association (AA) approved Defensive Driving Course which on completion enables drivers to be able to sit for a full licence earlier. By taking this course drivers can move on from a restricted licence to a full licence 6 months sooner (three months if you are aged 25 years and over).


    This comprehensive, 9 hour long defensive driving course will add a range of safe driving strategies to the skill set. It will teach drivers to recognise the hazards, circumstances and influences that commonly lead to accidents. An intensive, interactive course, it includes classroom theory modules and an in-car practical session. It is expertly designed for anyone who desires safer driving skills that you will carry throughout their life.


    Times and dates for the practical in-car session will be made during the defensive driving course. The practical session will take place in the drivers own vehicle so that all scenarios of the licence test can be met.

    Driver Assessments

    Dunedin Driving School offer assessments for our clients who use a light vehicle as part of their daily employment. A vehicle used for work purposes is considered to be a workplace so our assessment assists employers in meeting their Health & Safety obligations.


    The assessment establishes a benchmark for driver proficiency, improves driver awareness, encourages the development of safe driving practices and recommends corrective measures to improve driving performance.


    This assessment is typically carried out over a set route. The route reflects the environment the driver typically operates in. Our instructors coach the driver when required and provide a full written record as a debrief reference document.


    We also carry out medical driving assessments and assessments for people with disabilities who have a specialised car with hand controls.

    Refresher Lessons

    Dunedin Driving School offers refresher lessons for drivers who has been off the road for a while and assist to regain their confidence .


    Whether it is just one lesson if they need to change from an automatic transmission to a manual transmission or to brush up on the road rules, our instructors can assist.

    Converting Overseas Licence

    Drivers who are converting driver licences from some overseas countries also need to complete the full licence test. If they have a current overseas driver licence or international driving permit, they can drive using that for a maximum of 12 months from the arrival date in New Zealand.


    Drivers will have to pass a theory test and, depending on the country they have come from, a practical driving test may also be required.



    Drivers are required to renew their license at age 75 and have to get a Medical Certificate from their doctor.


    A driving lesson will provide confidence to go through the process to renew a licence.